FIFA 17 UPDATE: The Journey


FIFA 17 will hit back at its critics, who say that the EA Sports title does not change enough year to year, with a ground-breaking new single-player mode, the Journey.

FIFA is the highest selling console video game year in year out. This year, FIFA 17 looks to follow the same trend with the new single-player mode The Journey. The Journey will let you take control of the career of 17-year-old Alex Hunter as he begins his career in the English Premier League. You’ll control him both on and off the pitch. Training, agent negotiations, relationships, cars, clubbing, and your very own crib will all feature as you build your player from an unknown to a global superstar.

Unlike previous FIFA games, this will add much greater depth and variation in how you interact and engage with players in the game. Career Mode and ULTIMATE Team are cornerstones of previous titles, but this will surely add some much needed creativity and change to the franchise. EA Sports and FIFA face an uphill battle to convince players to buy their new game each year, as some have criticized the lack of innovation as a limitation to their model. Therefore, this game mode is shaping up to be a refreshing new addition to the beloved game. It’s highly reminiscent of the NBA 2K’s Path to Greatness game mode. Many have lauded the uniqueness of this mode, so hopefully FIFA can live up to the expectations.

FIFA 17 cover
FIFA 17’s covers will feature Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez, Chelsea’s Eden Hazard, Manchester United’s Anthony Martial, and Dortmund’s Marco Reus

You’ll be able to start Hunter’s career at any of the Premier League teams. This gives you a fair amount of choice. One one hand, it allows you to opt for the top dogs; Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal etc. Alternatively, you can start from more humble backgrounds like newly promoted teams such as Burnley. This adds a wealth of replay value, much like Career Mode, but with greater depth. Each team will offer different types of challenges and obstacles, but more importantly glory.

For those of you who have watched the reveal trailer, you’ll notice a striking resemblance of Alex Hunter’s story to that of Marcus Rashford’s meteoric rise to fame. Like Rashford, Hunter will start out as an unknown 17-year-old and attempt to make an impact. Man, are we excited, and we hope you are too for the amazing potential this game mode has.

This titan of a game hits shelves September 27th 2016 for North America and 29th September for the rest of the world.

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